Store Closing - May 25th, 2021. Learn More Here.

New Intake Process

We are so grateful for your kindness, patience and understanding during these difficult times. Our wonderful clients and customers make everything worth it! Thank you so much!

We are currently accepting consignment submissions for Summer Items! 

How it works *(our policies have changed)

Consignment is by appointment only at this time. To book an appointment please fill out the INTAKE FORM HERE and review the FAQs page.

If your items are a good fit for My Sister’s Closet, you may book an online appointment.  Your items will remain untouched for 24hrs for health reasons due to COVID. Once processed, you will be contacted if needed to arrange pick up of any NTYs (No Thank You.) You will have 3 business days to do this. Items not picked up will automatically be donated to our local charity on your behalf.

We will provide you with your contract end date which is approx. 8-12 weeks, at the end of which you will receive payment for 40% of the selling price of each item.  You will be required to pull any unsold items off the floor within 5 days of the contract end date.  Any items not picked up may be used for sales promotions, merchandising displays or donated to charity on your behalf, if you rather prefer this upfront, just check the "please donate" box.

As we are working with limited resources for this intake process, we ask that you please be mindful when choosing which items you wish us to consider for consignment and ensure they correspond to our criteria above. Filling out the form helps us to make a thorough assessment and offer you an appointment faster. 


The Consignment Contract

The consignment contract period is approximately 8-12 weeks depending on when your items are brought in

Consignor will receive 40% of the final selling price of each item

Payment will be made in cash, e-transfer or cheque at the end of the consignment contract period. Inactive accounts greater that 1 year will be forfeited

Credit on account can be used at any time during or after the contract

All prices are determined by My Sister’s Closet. We welcome any feedback on any unusual items, particularly items not local to the area

Items may be discounted at any time during the contract for the purposes of sales, promos, discounts etc. 

Items may be removed from the sales floor at any time

My Sister’s Closet does not authenticate. This may be reflected in the selling price of luxury goods. Proof of authenticity must be provided to be reflected in pricing

There will be a $1 per item steaming charge for badly wrinkled items which will be deducted from payout at the end of the contract. 

Unsold items must be picked up at the end of contract. Unsold items not picked up after 5 days become property of My Sister’s Closet

My Sister’s Closet does not contact the consignor at the end of the contract. Please note your contract end date