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Frequently Asked Questions

Online Shopping

After you've purchased your item(s) online, it will be placed aside for you in-store.

It will be available for pickup after 4 hours after payment confirmation has been received. We ask that you please pick up your item(s) within 2 days.

We also offer curbside pickup. Please call the store to arrange at 613-599-2700.

Yes we do! MSC is pleased to offer customers flat rate shipping of $15 Ontario-wide.

Orders over $150 qualify for FREE shipping!

Due to COVID-19, we will not be offering returns or refunds for any items. This applies to both in-store and online purchases.

Consignment FAQs

We are currently having to limit our intake due to COVID protocols. We keep consignments to 15 clothing items plus 5 additional items (jewelry/home décor/toys, etc.) per appointment, but are happy to accommodate any special needs you may have, just let us know when you make the appointment.

From Monday-Wednesday we also offer a convenient Drop n Run option whereas you can drop off 5 items without an appointment. This provides an opportunity for those that are short on time and can't always make appointments. The main difference is that any items not meeting MSC criteria will be donated to charity. As this is a very busy time of year for us at MSC, please call or message us to ensure we are taking Drop n Runs on the day you would like to come by. 

You will always receive a drop-off receipt with each consignment that will note your pick up date.

Consignment commissions (what you keep)

  • 40% for items priced up to $100.00
  • 50% for items priced between $101.00 - $249.00
  • 60% for items priced between $250.00 - $999.00

Consignment term is for ~ 90 days. Items are discounted 20% after 30 days, and 50% after 60 days. Please visit the store for more details, or feel free to call anytime.

We pay out in cash for account balances under $74.99 and do E-transfers for payouts over $75. We can on request do e-transfers under $100 for a fee of $1.50 to cover bank fee.

Consignment Periods:

Spring: Jan – March

Summer: April – June

Fall: July – September

Winter: October – December


We DO accept the following:

Good quality seasonal women’s clothing and accessories (jewelry, handbags, shoes & scarves) that have been purchased within the last 3 years, as well as children’s clothing, toys and baby equipment and select Home Decor pieces.


Today's consumer is looking for quality brand name clothing in excellent condition for a fair price. Therefore, make sure you thoroughly go through your items before you bring them in

Please ensure all labels are attached to clothing items if possible.

We DO NOT accept the following:

  • Box store brands (Walmart, Giant Tiger, etc)
  • Business/ formal suits and blazers
  • Wedding and bridesmaid gowns, prom dresses, or fur coats.
  • Items with NO LABEL on them. We can not accept those that do not in order to price the apparel fairly, also for the sake of clients knowing what they are buying.
    (Some exclusions may apply, ie. tag was removed for comfort reasons, but brand name is still clearly visible elsewhere).

Clothes should be neatly folded or on hangers. Blouses and anything that could get wrinkled must be on hangers. We will return your hangers as we switch them with ours, this saves time and prevents clothing from getting wrinkled during processing.

Books, toys, home decor, etc. preferred to be brought in using cardboard boxes of reusable bags.

Please be mindful that your clothes are either freshly laundered or dry-cleaned, prior to bringing in. Items that seem unclean or have any odor (ie. smoke, musty, ..) will not be accepted.

You will always be provided with a pick up date located on your drop-off with each consignment. This date is for you to pick up any unsold items - typically 8 to 12 weeks from time of drop off. Before or on this date (preferably within the week before), you may come into the store and we will print off your itemized list. Then you can pull off the floor.. we've found it to be much more efficient as who knows your items better than you!

Any unclaimed items become the property of MSC and are sorted for donation and /or used for promotional events / displays. clearance sales...MSC donates unaccepted and unclaimed items to the Salvation Army, Better Beginnings - Better Futures and the Lanark County Interval House, as well as other local charities